August 20, 2017

Jay-Z & Beyoncé Expecting Twins

February 2, 2017 Claudy Leogene 0

Beyoncé and Jay-Z told the world yesterday that they are expecting twins, many people assumed there were issues in their marriage and some even said they were getting a divorce. “We would like to share […]


February 25, 2016 Leslie Biamby 10

If anyone else didn’t get the memo about it being Black History Month, the artists definitely have and are using their platform to educate and/or at least getting the conversation started on where we were […]

Angie Martinez Joins Roc Nation

November 5, 2014 Claudy Leogene 9

We were wondering what was taking them so long to make this happen. This is definitely not news to most of us, we saw this coming.  The competition just got harder for air-personalities across the […]

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