August 20, 2017

Status Quo Concert and Don of daEveningRush Interview

Don Status Productions & Rockview Entertainment alongside Distinguished the God Presents: Status Quo Concert ft Mike Milly; Zone; Stuck B and CORE
Hosted by: S-Rock
Music by DJ Sylk and DJ Melo
Sponsored by: YACRadio; Da Evening Rush; Vodkila Spirits; His&Hers Lounge; Bassment Ent
Blackthorn 51
Queens, NY
January 15, 2017
Dozens came out to support the Indie Artists as Shone Da Don and his team put together a great showcase. The showcase consisted of many artists pouring their heart into their rhymes for the crowd and they were loving it. The vibes were great and the hidden treasures were amazing. Other artists performing included Siah da Goon (Black Diamonds Productions); KXNGDEM; ENY Freshh; Bo Blakk; CORE; Stuck B; King O and more. Shout out to Da Evening Rush for putting together a dope event.
Don, of Da Evening Rush and a colleague of mine on; took the time to answer some questions.
-Why did you decide to have this particular event?
A. I wanted to give a couple of artists their own stage not timed like a showcase but their own platform to shine…

-Tell us about your artists you have on your line up?
A. Each artist brought something different to the table as well as there was no mumble rap. It was straight Boom Bap , R&B , Hip Hop.

-If any, what are some of the challenges you faced putting on this event?
A. Getting artists to radio interviews.. was the biggest challenge only due to everyone schedules were different.

-I feel there’s a lot of potential stars at these showcases…how do we get more A&R and different labels to come out to these types of events?
A. Honestly, I emailed everyday to different labels and A&Rs to come thru and see the great talent we have around us. New York has great talent and it’s their time. They need to be heard.

-What is some advice you would give to an artist on the come up?
A. First and foremost, know the business of the music business then tighten up your lyrics. Don’t just put out anything; make sure your lyrics are a story line; don’t go from topic to topic.. I can go on and on… end of the day put out your best work.

-Do you have any future events scheduled?
Don Status Promotions and Rockview Entertainment  does our showcases of once a month.  But have plans of doing 2 a month soon.

-How can artists and others who want to be involved contact you?
[email protected]
[email protected]
Don: 3479779129


Take a look into the gallery for snippets from some of the artists and pics!
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