August 20, 2017

Kyle Bailey: Daze Summit Panelist

Hip Hop Culture and Influence

Kyle Bailey and I





On Saturday April 8, 2017, I went to the DAZE Summit Panel: “The Hip Hop Way” Men’s Edition. Curated by Media, Power, Respect, Entertainment and Moderated by Jameer, affiliated with Hot 97 and WBLS.  The panel of speakers were:

  1. Gabriel Williams: Co-Editor/Editor of Stuff Fly People Like, Inc.
  2. Travque:  Comedian and internet sensation
  3. Kyle Bailey:  Founding Partner of BxC Studios
  4. JOED “Deeno” Esperance: FilmMaker/Production Revolt TV Breakfast Club
  5. Calligrafist: Artist and Celebrity Photographer
  6. DJ Maserati Styles: 845 DJ and Celebrity Promoter
  7. Dr. Shango Blake:  The Nation’s Hip Hop Principal

It was a great panel and I learned that Hip Hop is a great way to express yourself with music.  I had the chance to interview a few people.  My first interview was with Kyle Bailey. Please read below:

Chloe D: Hi, My name is Chloe, May you please introduce yourself?

Kyle: My name is Kyle Bailey. I represent BxC Studios. We’re a multifaceted media company. And more or less the reason why I was at the Daze Summit was to talk about one of our departments which is basically the BxC Music Festival which will be on May 7 at SOB’s.

Chloe D: What do you do and how do you get started?

Kyle: I’m the CMO, I am a chief marketing officer, so my job is more or less of being a liason between our three departments. I make sure that our marketing aspect, I make sure that our product and our brand is represented the right way.

Chloe D: What do you think was most important about today’s panel?

Kyle: The fact that it did just one thing, it represented Hip Hop and it also showed that Hip Hop is not only a lifestyle but that there’s an ethos behind it. The generation is recurring and just seeing that there are summits that represent that similar to Jack in the Box or the New Music Seminar now we have the Daze Summit.

Kyle can be found on IG @kylebaileyhd






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