July 26, 2017

John Kelly: Haiti-US Discuss TPS Future Extensions


The United States Secretary of Homeland Security visit Haiti on May 31, 2017 to meet with the current President Jovenel Moise and government officials to discuss the future of 58,000 Haitians who are currently living in U.S under Temporary Protected Status (TPS).

John Kelly made his way to Haiti a week after the extension was granted for only six months with an expiration of 22 January, 2018. Many lawmakers lobby for an 18 months extension and DHS refused to extend it for that long.

During their meeting Kelly told President Jovenel Moise the two countries could work together on future extensions.

John Kelly also stated that “The operative word in the law is ‘temporary.’ It’s not meant to be an open-ended law, but a temporary law,’’